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Q: What is GreenPura?

A: GreenPura™ is a revolutionary yet powerful product that not only promotes weight loss but helps increase fat burning while packing a potent punch of essential antioxidants. The antioxidants contained in this product helps to detoxify the system, speed the metabolism, boost energy and strengthen immunity. It is also a proven appetite suppressant, its main ingredient is clinically shown to reduce the appetite by as much as 60% by reducing food cravings and preventing overeating.

Q: Who should take GreenPura?

A: GreenPura™ can be taken by both men and women who are looking for an safe and effect effective supplement to improve their overall health.

Q: What is in GreenPura?

A: Each capsule of GreenPura ™ contains 300 mg of highly concentrated green tea contained in a proprietary extract that is delivered via a time released system. The product contains absolutely no chemically generated compounds, fillers or artificial additives.

Q: How many capsules are in a bottle of GreenPura?

A: Each bottle of GreenPura contains 60 Capsules.

Q: How much should I take a day?

A: Our recommended dosage is to take 1-2 GreenPura ™ capsules daily with a full glass of water.

Q: Is GreenPura guaranteed?

A: GreenPura ™ comes with a 100% guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with GreenPura, simply return the bottle within 60 days from the date of your order and receive a full refund. Simply request a return authorization number and send back your bottles. Its as simple as that.

Q: How long should I use GreenPura For?

A: GreenPura ™ is an extremely safe and effective product and can be used daily! In order to continue to receive and maintain the numerous benefits associated with GreenPura we recommend that you continue to take the product as a daily supplement.

Q. Can I take GreenPura with other medications?

A: GreenPura™ is made from ingredients that are deemed to be completely safe. But, as with any supplement you should consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product especially if you are pregnant, lactating, taking any medications, or if you have any medical conditions.

Q: Where is GreenPura made?

A: GreenPura™ is manufactured in the United States in an FDA approved manufacturing facility. This facility adheres to the current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines that monitor quality control. We adhere to the strictest quality control standards and guarantee safety, purity and efficacy of our ingredients.

Q: Have clinical studies been done?

A: Absolutely. Clinical studies have been conducted on the products main ingredients.

Q: How is your order shipped?

A: Maintaining your privacy is extremely important to us. All orders are shipping in plain envelopes and boxes.

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